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Taj Mahal Tours Agra
Taj Mahal Tours - Know more about Agra Taj Mahal Tours India
Ever since the 17th century, travelers have crossed continents to arrive and witness this definitive monument of love, and only some have been impassive by its unparalleled gorgeousness.

Taj Mahal stands in the metropolis of Agra, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, on the banks of the Yamuna River. It was built in the remembrance of the attractive Arjumand Bano Begum, who won the heart of a Mughal prince. At the age of 21 years, she was wedded to the Emperor Jahangir's 3rd son Prince Khurram and stayed devotedly by his side all the way through good times and bad: in the comfortable imperial palaces of Agra as well as the fleeting tents of war camps. In AD 1628, Khurram became king after a blood-spattered fight of succession; he took the crown from his father Shahjahan and showered his dearly loved begum with the uppermost title of Mallika-e-Aalam. But Mumtaz Mahal was not predestined to be queen for long. In 1631, Shahjahan went on a journey to the South and, as always, Mumtaz Mahal escorted him. But she died during childbirth at Burhanpur. She had borne Shahjahan fourteen children, of whom four sons and three daughters survived. When Mumtaz Mahal died, she was only 39 years old. Shahjahan was devastated and records inform of the imperial court remembrance for 2 years.

There was no melody, no banquets, and no festivity of any sort. Shahjahan, who was an obsessive planner, now decided to raise a monument of marble, in the fond memory of her beloved that the humanity would not at all disregard. The location chosen for the tomb was a garden by the Yamuna River, un-shadowed by any other construction. The garden had been laid by Raja Man Singh of Amber and now belonged to his grandson, Raja Jai Singh. By an imperial decree, Shahjahan gave Jai Singh four havelis in swap for the garden. The location was also preferred since it was positioned on a curve in the river, and so it could be seen from Shahjahan's private palace in Agra Fort, further upstream.

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