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Incredible India Tour
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Welcome to Lets Travel India’s Incredible India Tours, a host of tour packages that will mesmerize you in the spell of their mystical and intriguing charm. Things & phenomenon that you will find hard to believe even after seeing with your own eyes. The complex things that are reflected in the simplistic living of the Indian masses are what we have tried to pack in these Incredible India Tours for our visitors.

India is an ancient land with a history that dates back to the times of BC. The beauty of this amazing land lies in the preservation of even the oldest customs, rituals and beliefs that have been transferred through generations and can still be seen and heard from the inhabitants of this vast & diverse land. Although, the country has made significant strides in modernization and adapting to new ways of living, yet the roots of this culture are deeply entrenched in the traditions of the people.

From a distance, the scenario might look overtly changed, but deep within, in the interiors of the country, where the real India actually lives; one can easily notice the cultural and traditional strings that have kept the people strongly connected to their roots. Even in the metropolitan cities where western ways have made deep inroads in the lifestyle, the clothing and the eating habits of the people, you would still find people going back to following the same rituals on auspicious occasions of Poojas etc.  

India is such a mix of everything that one really doesn’t need to go anywhere else after he or she has set foot on the Indian soil. From the towering Himalayan mountains in the north spread through the states of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh & Uttranchal, to the lovely beaches located down south in Kerala, Tamilnadu & Maharashtra, this varied land has so much to offer in variety to all the visitors. With Lets Travel India’s unique packages, one can easily select any of these numerous destinations spread across the land of India, and make their trip a unique and incredibly satisfying one during holidays.


Lets Travel India’s Incredible India travel packages are divided into three basic categories to give our visitors a better range of options to choose from.

Romantic Tajmahal & Honeymoon Tours
    These packages are especially focussed around the theme of Honeymoon and Romantic Getaways for couples. The inclusion of Taj is a must, as it is the perfect monument of love. The shining white marbles of the Taj and the backdrop of River Yamuna make a perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday.


    Indian Festival Tours

      These packages are focussed on exploring the festive life around India. It features the prominent Indian Festivals celebrated nationally, as well as region specific festival; like the Festivals in Rajasthan, Festivals in South & Orissa festivals as well.

      Train Tours

      These packages are focussed on exploring the life around real India which lives in countryside; which reflects in the vibrant shades of its rural life; which echoes in the vast stretches of deserts, beaches, fields, hill stations, resorts, towns and cities.

      India Education Tour

      These packages are actually focussed on presenting the historical and practical facts related to the history of this great land. The city of Delhi features on top of our India Education Tours, because its ample historical evidences make it a favourite destination.

      Incredible India Travel Packages
      Romantic Tajmahal Tour
      India Education Tour
      Honeymoon Tour in India