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Home >> Rajasthan Tourism >> Fair and Festivals in Rajasthan
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan
Festivals are events that attach color to living. When it comes to Jaipur, the royal city rejoices all festivals with complete enthusiasm and passion. The vibrant town gets brighter for the duration of all the festivities. The city also has interesting fairs & festivals in their own style, out of which, Elephant festival, Teej festival, Kite festival and Gangaur festival are the most noted and prominent ones.

Jaipur Fairs and Festivals are indivisible constituents of the civilizing individuality of the town. The lively city looks more pulsating during the celebration; inhabitants take pleasure in these festivals keeping away all their stress and reservations. Diverse fairs and festivals have their own meaning and present a pleasing break from the stretched agenda of life. If you want to travel around the civilization and ethnicity of Jaipur, festive season is the accurate moment in time to visit the city.
Time: February every year for 3 days
Season: Late Winters
Attractions: Rajasthan's art & craft, the colorful Gair and Fire dancers swaying to the traditional Rajasthani tunes.
This is another Desert Festival in Rajasthan which attracts plenty of visitors from all across the world. This festival is also known for its celebrative atmosphere and the genuine and cordial treatment to outside visitors. A three days long extravaganza o f color, music and festivity, this festival is held annually at the golden city of Jaiselmer. Featuring the best of Rajasthan's art & craft, this festival has colorful Gair and Fire dancers swaying to the traditional Rajasthani tunes. Another exciting event of the festival is a turban-tying competition to test the speed of tying a turban. The person who ties the turban in the least time is thus declared the winner. The festival also has another popular contest by the name of Mr. & Ms. Desert which adds to the fun and frolic during the 3 days of festival celebrations.
Time: 5 - 13 November
Season: Early Winters
Attractions: Trading of cattle, camel races, bangles, brassware, clothes, camel saddles and halters, necklaces of glass beads, pottery, and printed textiles are the main attractions.
This is one of the most colorful festivals of Rajasthan, attracting the most number of tourists from the world over. Held every year at Pushkar, near Ajmer, this festival witnesses a big gathering of thousands of pilgrims, who come across to bathe in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake. Other attractions of the festival include trading of camels by farmers and a colorful camel races organized everyday. The festival also features an entire range of handicraft products like, bangles, brassware, clothes, camel saddles and halters, which are brought over by traders from various parts of Rajasthan. This is definitely a must visit festival in Rajasthan, which lasts for 12 days at a stretch.
Time: September - October
Season: Early Winters
Attractions: The main celebration is held in Udaipur, with the festivities lasting more than a week.
This is a unique festival of Rajasthan; which is annually celebrated in Mewar, Rajasthan, to rejoice the onset of the spring season. The festivities and celebrations of this occasion last for more than a week. This festival also falls parallel to the Gangaur festival of Udaipur, which also has a great ambience and fervor about it. The women folk gather in masses to dress the images of Isar and Gangaur and then carry them in a ceremonial procession through different parts of the city. Marked by great fervor, enthusiasm and a never say die spirit, this festival is a true display of the king sized celebrations that have become synonymous with the people of Rajasthan.
Elephant Festival
Time: During the Time of Holi
Season: Spring
Attractions: The main celebration is held in Jaipur.
The Elephant Festival is among the most well-liked festivals of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Elephant festival has its own attraction and is celebrated every year in March on the juncture of Holi, the festival of colors. The festival has an exclusive concept of its own kind. The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated throughout India, but the festival gets some more spice added to it, when it combines with the Elephant festival of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Elephants become the major attraction of this festival in their classy attires.
Kite Festival
Time: On 14th of January
Season: Winters
Attractions: The main celebration is held in Jaipur.
Kite Festival is a well-liked festival of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Kite flying is enjoyed by people of all age-groups. However, 14 January, the day of Makar Sankranti, makes the official day for flying kites in Jaipur. People make most out of the festival by flying kites for the whole day.
Teej Festival
Time: July-August
Season: Monsoon
Attractions: The main celebration is held in Jaipur.
Teej Festival is one of the most admired festivals of India. Festival of Teej is extensively celebrated, but its real charm can be found only in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Teej celebrates the arrival of monsoon, after the scorching sun of summers. Teej is celebrated in the month of 'Shravan' (July-August), according to the Hindu calendar.
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